Software for this project runs on many different platforms. The main code runs on Crossbow TelosB wireless sensor nodes that have an onboard MSP430 microcontrollers. Other code runs on microcontroller-based dataloggers (Arduino or AVR based) that can save sensor data to a memory card while using far less power than a laptop. We have some scripts that run on Mac, PC and Linux to turn the data files into Excel files for easier plotting and sharing, and also some code to collect data on a mobile phone.

Here is the main code for Crossbow TelosB to automatically identify and operate new sensors. Install the “Salamander” application in your Cygwin applications directory, and some new files in your TelosB directory. Instructions for Windows XP included. Download zipped files: at Sourceforge or get a later version offering two different polling intervals: Salamander code at GitHub.

Download Arduino code to collect the wireless sensor data using a low-power datalogger from GitHub.

Convert your hexadecimal data to Excel-readable files using our script available at GitHub

If your collected data files are in a binary format, for instance from a Sparkfun Logomatic, this script can put it into a format you can read in a text editor.

Download Java ME code to receive sensor data on a mobile phone at Sourceforge or GitHub